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Watch crews scrub graffiti off Angels Flight, Downtown LA's historic funicular

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The vandalized railway shines a little brighter now

Bunker Hill’s Angels Flight railway is graffiti-free once more. Esotouric reports that, "the earliest possible Monday morning crew from [the city’s] Graffiti Control Systems" was out yesterday, blasting the graffiti off of the railcar.

Sadly, the super-short, historic funicular across from Grand Central Market was vandalized last week by taggers. They hit not only the side of one of the cars but also the windows of the 115-year old car that once carried passengers up the old, pre-skyscraper Bunker Hill from Hill and Third streets—about a half block north of its current location. (It was relocated and reopened in its new spot in the 1990s.)

The defacement angered many Angelenos, as it should, and it appears that outrage led to quick action. The president of the nonprofit Angels Flight Railway Foundation told Curbed on Friday that the paint would be scrubbed off as quickly as possible.

The cleaning was effective, with one caveat, says Esotouric:

Enrique, Joel and Ricky [from Graffiti Control Systems] did their best, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to treat Angels Flight with kid gloves, and a layer of paint came off with the vandal’s mess. Ironically, this leaves the funicular shining a little brighter today than yesterday—but she’s also more vulnerable, as any further rough cleanings could expose the century-old wood under the paint.

See the clean-up below.

Angels Flight Railway

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