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Mega project planned next to LA Live might be wrapped in giant LED sign

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New renderings offer a good look at the project's three towers

Thanks to new renderings, it's easy to imagine how plans for three new towers—festooned in a huge digital sign—from Chinese developer Shenzhen Hazens Real Estate Group will alter an L-shaped property near LA Live.

The renderings are included in new draft environmental report, first seen on Urbanize LA. The report breaks down the order in which the three towers will be built, and how and where the 300 hotel rooms, 650 condos, and 80,000 square feet of space for restaurants, retail, and additional commercial uses will fit in.

The first section of the Gensler-designed project would go up on the parking lot to the south end of the property, along 11th Street. A 34-story hotel on 11th and Figueroa and a 32-story, 290-unit residential building on 11th and Flower would comprise phase one.

The completion of phase one would kick off phase two, beginning with the demolition of the Luxe Hotel. The site would give way to a 38-story tower holding 360 additional residential units (including 14 live/work residences) at Figueroa and Olympic.

The three towers would sit atop an eight-story "podium" wrapped in a giant, LED sign stretching both horizontally and vertically for a total of 60,000 square feet along Olympic, Figueroa, and 11th Street. (The nearby Oceanwide Plaza project has a similar LED ribbon sign, so apparently this is just the new megaproject norm now.)

The podium would have retail and commercial space on the first two floors and amenities (for hotel guests and residents) on the third and fourth floors, with underground levels for parking.

Per the environmental report, the developers aim to start construction on the first phase in the second half of 2017 and wrap up near the middle of 2020. The second phase would begin "immediately" after and finish by the first quarter of 2023.