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Ed Hardy designer’s home is surprisingly not terrible

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The Spanish-style in Hancock Park is one of five LA houses owned by the late Christian Audigier

Fashion designer Christian Audigier, famous for popularizing the Ed Hardy and Von Dutch clothing lines, died last year, and according to the listing agent this Spanish-style in Hancock Park is one of five Los Angeles-area homes he left behind.

Given Audigier’s design-style—meaning no disrespect to his memory, the Frenchman was not exactly known for tasteful restraint—it’s a bit of a surprise to see that the 1924 home is, well, pretty pleasant-looking.

Sure, there are a few over-the-top features, like a wrought iron gate emblazoned with Audigier’s initials and a button that instructs thirsty guests to "ring for champagne." But overall, this is just a nice old house in a nice old neighborhood.

Features of the four-bedroom, 2,131-square-foot home include hardwood floors, a newly renovated kitchen, and custom built-ins in the dining room and master bedroom. The back area features a swimming pool and several sitting areas including a large cabana complete with fireplace. Asking price is $1.679 million.