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Giant flasher covering up construction at the Beverly Center

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Well, would you look at that?

A massive makeover of the Beverly Center is now underway, and Taubman Centers—the mall’s owners—have devised a unique method of veiling construction while the overhaul is in progress: they’ve covered much of the massive building’s facade with a giant mural. Specifically, it’s a giant mural of a woman seemingly exposing herself to the shoppers inside.

So far, social media users have reacted with understandable confusion to the 70-foot mural by Geoff McFetridge, entitled "Girl Lifting Skirt 2."

The mural is the first of several that Taubman plans to install in and around the building to mask construction and, apparently, to get people talking. According to a press release, McFetridge’s work was chosen for its "slyly provocative" design, which "evokes the open and civic spirit of Beverly Center’s reimagining—itself, a kind of lifting of skirts."

We’re not exactly sure we’d call the 1980s-era building’s makeover a "lifting of skirts," but the $500 million project does include a few changes—more natural light, a new exterior, and a row of street-level restaurants—all meant to make the mall a bit more, erm, accessible?

The art program will go on throughout the renovations and is being coordinated by curator Jenelle Porter, in association with the Hammer Museum. In addition to exterior murals meant to draw the attention of passersby, the program will also add sculptural installations to the inside of the building. According to Porter, these sculptural works will "give visitors a chance to interact with art in nonconventional ways—that is, [they] invite you to sit down."

The building’s overhaul, which also includes a new gourmet food hall and redesigned Center Court, is expected to be complete by the 2018 holiday season.