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Rent the living room in a West Hollywood apartment for $550 per month

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At least the kitchen is close

If your budget is in the sub-$600-a-month range, and living in West Hollywood is an absolute must, suck it up and consider renting this living room. It's in an apartment near Sunset and San Vicente boulevards, and you'd share the unit with two others, the poster of the Craigslist ad tells Curbed.

It doesn’t look like there’s a ton of space for a future living room roommate in among the existing furniture and accessories already occupying the common room, but the kitchen is close and the bathroom isn’t far. Plus, there's a pretty fireplace mantle.

The ad doesn’t mention parking, but if there is a dedicated space for a car, it probably doesn’t go to the person living in the TV room.

Rent for the space is $550.