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See the California Incline reborn in this time-lapse video

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Watch 15 months of construction in less than two minutes

Today is a great day for Santa Monica motorists, because today is the day we welcome back the California Incline, the historic bridge thats links Pacific Coast Highway and Downtown Santa Monica. The 1930s-era roadway had been closed since April of 2014 so it could be totally rebuilt.

The new California Incline is bigger and better. As part of the upgrade, the street was widened by more than five feet and a 16-foot wide protected lane was installed for bikes and foot traffic. In addition, a brand new spiraling pedestrian bridge was added over the top.

To celebrate the incline's rebirth, Work Zone Cam released this time lapse video of the last 15 months of construction. In less than two minutes, and from several angles, watch as the California Incline is widened, smoothed out, and made ready for use again.

California Incline

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