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City Council OKs tower that will rise 15 stories in Hollywood

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On Sunset and Bronson

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to approve plans for a new 15-story office tower in Hollywood.

The building, measuring 300,000 square feet, will go up on on the site of a parking lot at Sunset Boulevard at Bronson Avenue, just west of the 101 freeway. Its first floor will house retailers. Levels two to six will be parking. Stacked above all of that will be offices.

The Silverstein Law Firm—best known for bringing construction of a Target on Sunset and Western Boulevard to a halt—and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation—the group that’s bankrolling an anti-development ballot measure called the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative—have tried unsuccessfully to thwart this project.

Both hated that in order to accommodate the height and size requested by developer Hudson Pacific Properties, the City Council re-zoned the property and amended its General Plan. Here’s what Beverly Grossman Palmer, an attorney representing the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, wrote in her appeal:

"The proposed Project at 5901 Sunset will introduce inconsistency into the land use planning documents for the Hollywood area, will eliminate the possibility of creating a truly pedestrian-friendly section of Sunset Boulevard, and will contribute to the increasing - and unstudied - densification of Hollywood site-by-site."

Grossman told the council LA might as well, "become Houston and let the developers call all the shots."

Just down the street, on the opposite sides of Sunset at Van Ness, Hudson is almost finished building another office tower. Called Icon Towner, it’s been leased to Netflix.

Construction on the 15-story tower is scheduled to start in early 2017.