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Could LA’s rail system ever look like this?

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Meet the “2090 map”

Earlier this week, we wrote about a hypnotic gif showing just how much Los Angeles' transit network could expand if voters sign off on Metro’s proposed half-cent sales tax increase this November. Some of those big changes will be a long time coming, and—given the political realities of undertaking major mass transit projects—some may never be built at all.

But imagine it’s 2056, and the city’s wildest public transportation dreams have come true: LAX is accessible by rail, new lines stretch out into the valley, and the Purple Line has finally overcome a barrage of lawsuits and made it out to Westwood. Now what? Remember, Metro wants its tax bump to last forever.

Well, Adam Linder, who made that gif, has some ideas, and he’s even made a visual representation of what they are. He calls it the 2090 map.

Now, this is pretty much getting into the territory of science fiction. Some of the lines on this map already exist, some are in the works, and some have been discussed as possibilities. Others, though, appear to be inspired bits of guesswork. (A subway under Ventura Boulevard? What the heck is that?)

Linder tells Curbed he was inspired to envision future LA transit networks by his experience living without a car in the Valley. He says that he tried to make a map that balanced the needs of communities throughout LA, while imagining what transit improvements might compel drivers to take the train instead.

It’s an impressive vision. By 2090, or whenever all these lines would be finished, LA could very well be a waterless, wildfire-prone hellhole. But a public transit network like this might just be worth sticking around for.