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LA rapper Tyga is really, really bad at paying rent

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and now there's a warrant out for his arrest

Rapper Tyga is well on his way to cementing his reputation as LA’s worst celebrity tenant. The Los Angeles Times reports today that the 26-year-old owes his former Malibu landlord more than $480,000.

Tyga was scheduled to appear in court in Santa Monica today for a debtor's examination, where, the Times says, he was supposed to have to, "answer under oath about his property, assets and financial affairs." But, according to the Associated Press, he was a no-show, and a $10,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

In March, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered the rapper to pay $480,285 to cover back rent, legal fees, and costs associated with repairs on the Malibu pad, which overlooked the ocean and rented for $16,000 per month. According to the Times, court records say Tyga did a little more than spill red wine on the carpet. He allegedly installed a stripper pole in the master room, disconnected the intercom system, and damaged the hardwood floors and glass-tiled shower.

The same month the judgment was handed down, Tyga, whose actual name is Michael Ray Stevenson, released a music video for his song, "Cash Money," which is pretty much just three minutes of him bragging about how much money he has.

Apparently he’s not spending much of it on rent. TMZ has reported that two more landlords have sued Tyga for not paying rent on separate Calabasas homes.