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Rent a room in legendary LA architect Richard Neutra's office

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Get some work done in a space designed by the architect, who had a distinctively modern style

Looking for a new work space? Perhaps you’d be interested in a corner office at Richard Neutra’s self-designed office building in Silver Lake, advertised on Craigslist right now. At $1,200 per month for 164 square feet of floor space, it’s a little pricey. But who knows? For the right architectural aficionado, it could be well worth the cost.

Neutra designed the building in 1949 and it was completed in 1950. For decades it was home to the architectural practice he eventually passed on to his son, Dion. Designated a historic cultural monument in 2000, the building appeared on the market back in 2006 with a $3.5 million price tag, but never ended up selling. In 2014, Dion Neutra and the Neutra Institute converted it into a museum space—so potential renters will also need to be cool with sightseers mingling outside the door.

Also on the bad news side of things: There’s no parking and tenants will need to cover their share of utilities.

The ad suggests renters, "participate in the creative energy of this historic example ... the only remaining case of Neutra Commercial Design." Well preserved over the years by Dion Neutra, the office features many hallmarks of the elder Neutra’s distinctively modern style, including walls of glass, exposed ductwork, and original hanging light fixtures. And if Neutra family architecture is a must have for you, a two-bedroom unit in Dion Neutra’s "Treetops" home—also in Silver Lake—is available for $4,200 per month.