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Updated: Is Donald Trump selling this LA mansion?

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The Republican nominee appears to be the owner of a $30 million estate in Beverly Hills

Well, well, well. Right in the midst of one of the most bizarre presidential elections in U.S. history, the apparent Beverly Hills home of Republican nominee Donald Trump has popped up on the market. Back in 2009, Variety reported that the real estate magnate was parting with the six-bedroom, colonial-style home, but earlier this year the candidate sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at "his Beverly Hills house, a 10,400-square-foot Colonial mansion directly across from the Beverly Hills Hotel." We strongly suspect that Trump may have decided not to sell after all.

The home (which can be seen here) does seem to have expanded a bit since it was listed last—it now boasts 11 bedrooms and an extra 4,500-square-feet of space. Designed in 1981 by celebrity architect Richard Landry, it actually seems surprisingly modest by Trump’s standards—and yes, we’re aware of the marble floor and gilded chandelier in the entryway. Also, there’s an elevator, spice kitchen, sauna, gigantic pool, and what is probably the world’s least-used full size basketball court. Still, we’re talking about Donald J. Trump here. Frankly, we were expecting something a little more befitting of the world’s most ostentatious individual.

Maybe that’s why Trump apparently almost never uses the house. In an interview with Travel and Leisure, he says that when visiting LA, he normally bypasses the home in favor of a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel across the road. "They always make sure to have a room available for me, even if I’m arriving on the night of the Academy Awards," Trump tells the magazine.

At any rate, the billionaire developer is looking for a big haul on the sale of the home, which was last listed for $12 million. It’s now asking more than twice that figure: $29.995 million to be exact. For the record, that’s less than half of what the candidate has pulled in from donors over the past month.

Update: A representative from Compass Real Estate says that Trump did in fact sell the home in 2009, and it has been completely updated by its current owners.

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