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The Playboy Mansion sale has fallen through

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The $110-million deal to sell to a wealthy neighbor is off

Earlier this year, a bombshell hit the Holmby Hills housing market when it was announced the Playboy Mansion was hitting the market for an astounding $200 million. Everyone from rival porn magnate Larry Flynt to burlesque nightclub owner Jeff Beacher quickly expressed interest in the historic property, but serious offers seemed to elude the home for months.

Aside from the record breaking price tag, one key term of the home’s sale seems to be standing in the way of Hugh Hefner unloading the house. Potential buyers need to be cool with one very important detail: Hef gets to stay in the mansion for the rest of his life.

In June, it looked like a sale was finally imminent when Hefner’s wealthy neighbor, Daren Metropoulos, announced that he was in talks to buy the Playboy Mansion for a then-undisclosed sum. Looks like those plans have been thwarted by Hefner himself.

TMZ reports that the deal is off because Metropoulos wanted to get a jump on renovating the 1927 Tudor mansion while Hefner was still in the house. Hefner put the kibosh on those plans saying that giving Metropoulos that kind of access to the mansion would get in the way of the Playboy founder living his life.

The two parties went back and forth for weeks to hammer out the sale, reportedly worth $110 million, but in the end Hefner wasn’t having it.

He’s got a point, too. Even without contractors tearing up the drywall, it can’t be easy for the 90-year-old to pick out what pajamas to wear for the day, let alone screen a classic film in a bed filled with blonde twentysomethings.

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