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Tom Hanks is selling two homes right next to each other

And neither belongs to Matt LeBlanc

Here’s an odd development. Back in June, we reported on a Pacific Palisades home listed by Matt LeBlanc for $8.75 million. Turns out, the Friends star probably never even set foot in the place. As the LA Times reports, the 3,930-square-foot home is actually owned by Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson (the property is technically owned by a blind trust controlled by the celebrity couple).

That’s especially interesting since Hanks and Wilson also appear to own the house next door—and the house next door to that. Now, when three adjacent properties all have the same owner, that’s usually a pretty good sign plans for development are in store. Yet, Hanks and Wilson are selling another one of those homes as well—this one for $9.25 million. If you’ve always wanted to be neighbors with Tom Hanks, we guess now is your big opportunity.

Of course, Hanks might not be around all that often. In 2010, he and Wilson purchased yet another Pacific Palisades home for $26 million, and at 14,500 square feet, it certainly has the heft of a primary residence. It’s also worth mentioning that the couple sold a rather mature-looking 1929 Spanish-style home not too long ago in (where else?) Pacific Palisades. Look, the guy is very committed to his neighborhood.

The Times reports that Hanks and Wilson acquired the properties they are currently selling in 2003 and 2007 for just over $13 million combined. Given that, they stand to make a nice profit of nearly $5 million on the sale of the two homes.