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‘Normandy-inspired’ farmhouse in Beverly Hills asks $6.25 million

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The French countryside meets ‘80s glam

A little bit rustic farmhouse, a little bit Hollywood glam, this ivy-covered home in Beverly Hills certainly has a lot going on. Constructed in 1987, it certainly has a few of the dreaded hallmarks of a 1980s home as well (ugly light fixtures, the green-carpeted powder room in the master suite, etc.). Still, there are some interesting features here; the living room features a sky-high vaulted ceiling with exposed beams, and the same effect appears to be achieved in miniature in several other rooms.

Per the listing, the 5,931-square-foot "Normandy-inspired" home was the result of "years of cultivation & planning by the current owners." 100-year-old marble mantles and other vintage features were gathered, along with "door hardware, lighting & roof," which were apparently imported from France for a bit of extra authenticity. The home is situated on a one-third-acre lot with surrounding gardens and stone walkways to really bring home the French countryside feel. Asking price for the six-bedroom home is $6.25 million.