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Some neighbors still hate this apartment complex proposed for Los Feliz

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But they might have to put up with it

It’s been about two years since we heard from the City Lights Los Feliz project at Hillhurst Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. But time has not helped locals warm up to the proposed six-story building, which is inching closer to approval from the city's planning department.

Chandler Pratt & Partners and Hollyhill Developers, LLC is seeking approval for structure that would bring 202 units and 14,725 square feet of street-level commercial and retail space to the neighborhood, filling out a corner parcel at the multi-street intersection where an AutoZone sits now.

Some locals still aren’t loving the idea of the complex in this spot. In a petition, they say the development is, "inconsistent with neighborhood needs, architecture and permits." The petition also takes issue with the development’s inadequate parking (404 car spaces) and proposed removal of a public alleyway. They'd like to see a smaller building with "a more historic art deco design," and worry that "If this proposal goes forward as is it will sacrifice beauty and community for the sake of urban sprawl."

To date, 1,328 people have signed the petition.

A decision about whether to approve the project expected as early as next week.