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Watch the iconic Sixth Street Bridge’s last arc come down

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They’re all gone, folks

One of the most iconic landmarks in all of Los Angeles, the Sixth Street Viaduct is barely recognizable now that the last of its distinctive arches has been removed by the demolition crew that has been slowly but surely dismantling the historic bridge since February. Local filmmaker Nirvan Mullick was there to capture workers taking down the final arch last week and put together this short video tribute to the bridge and its many cinematic cameos over the years.

Though the arches have come down, the Los Angeles Department of Public Works estimates that the bridge’s demolition is only about halfway complete. The massive 84-year-old structure, experiencing an alkali-silica reaction commonly referred to as "concrete cancer," is being replaced by a sleek new bridge designed by HNTB and Michael Maltzan. The replacement viaduct is expected to be finished by the end of 2019.

In the meantime, at least one of the bridge’s arches will be preserved; it will eventually be placed in a public park below the new bridge. About 1,000 individual pieces of the old bridge were also made available to the public on August 13—keepsakes of the former landmark.