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LA's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion shines in this wacky but beautiful perfume ad

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The 52-year-old venue still looks stunning

Los Angeles appears in endless television commercials. But a new ad from high-fashion brand Kenzo and director Spike Jonze makes use of a Downtown landmark we don’t already see a million times on TV: the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. That’s right, the glittering chandeliers, curving balconies, and mirrored staircases featured so prominently in this three-minute commercial of a woman spazzing out and occasionally shooting lasers from her fingers are those of the Dorothy Chandler.

The Welton Becket-designed Pavilion opened in 1964, after nearly a decade of fundraising efforts directed by the building’s namesake, Dorothy Buffum Chandler. The Pavilion is now probably best known as the home of the LA Opera. Becket designed a number of other notable Los Angeles buildings, including the Capitol Records building, the Cinerama dome, and the soon-to-be-demolished Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

Watch the entire video here: