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Hollywood tour buses keep lying about this house

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This is not the house from Iron Man, repeat, this is not the house from Iron Man

Earlier this month, an NBC4 investigation alerted to us the lies celebrity bus tours are spreading to their customers, leaving a trail of chaos in their wake. An aspiring writer left a screenplay in the mailbox of a home a tour guide had told him was Quentin Tarantino’s (it wasn't), and the purported house of Julia Roberts has one distraught homeowner regularly dealing with a persistent Roberts stalker.

Now the fantastic Los Angeles blog, Hidden Los Angeles, is also reporting that it's finding inaccuracies in the tours, with one guide even unable to even properly identify the Playboy Mansion. But there's one home in particular that Hidden Los Angeles says is regularly misidentified by every tour it's taken: The futuristic looking home of Megan Ellison that sits atop Mount Olympus in Hollywood.

So let's set the record straight: This lair is neither Tony Stark’s house in the Iron Man films, nor is it Robert Downey Jr.’s actual house. It's also not the home of bad guy Eric Knox in the movie Charlie’s Angels.

Two of those houses don’t even exist. The home in Iron Man looks somewhat similar, but it’s really a CGI creation that was digitally inserted onto Point Dume in Malibu. The home in Charlie’s Angels is also computer generated, but takes inspiration from LA’s famed Chemosphere house.

It’s a little hard to blame tour bus drivers for their fibs about the eye-catching home. It’s highly visible from the street, and begs out for a good Hollywood story. Somehow the truth, "That up there was Lou Ferrigno’s house in the movie, I Love You, Man" doesn’t quite do it justice.

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Not the house from Charlie’s Angels, but close