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Jennifer Lawrence ditches her modest Santa Monica condo

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She bought the place before she was famous

In 2006, before we all fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence, she purchased a very average Santa Monica townhouse for $879,000. Four years later, she got her big break with Winter’s Bone. But even after she moved on and into a 5,550-square-foot Beverly Hills house with an in-home gym and koi pond and went onto become the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she held onto her Santa Monica pad—until this month.

Luxury Listings NYC reported last week that she sold the townhouse for $1.15 million. Variety says it has a modest two bedrooms, a small patio, and is 20 blocks from the beach. Lawrence purchased her Beverly Hills mansion in October 2014, so Variety says, "it’s probably safe to say" she hadn’t occupied the Santa Monica place since then.