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Rustic castle in Oak Glen with turret, orchard asks $849k

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This unusual residence boasts a drawbridge and moat

The Oak Glen area is known for its apple orchards (especially popular during apple-picking season), but the on-site orchard is probably not what this property is famous for. The four-bedroom castle sits on a 7.5-acre piece of land that also includes "stained glass windows, curved staircases, drawbridge, moat," and stone walls encircling the forested grounds.

The property certainly looks like the land that would surround a castle, with a grove of pines, huge lawns, grape vines, cherry blossom trees, fountains, two wells, and a freshwater creek.

The listing agent tells SFGate that the home’s owner got the idea to build a castle after traveling to Europe. "He thought, 'I'd love to live in a castle.' He took pictures and sized it way down."

The house’s rocky and turreted exterior doesn’t continue to the interior of the home, which looks like any other house built in the 1980s, with tile floors, light wood cabinets, and contemporary fixtures.

The castle was originally listed for sale five years ago, asking $4.9 million. It’s now listed for $849,000. The hefty, 79-percent price chop comes because the owner is really hoping to sell—he’s in his 70s and can’t get up and down the house’s stairs easily anymore.