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1960s time capsule up for grabs in Granada Hills

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Gloriously kitschy four-bedroom home asks $749K

The listing description for this four-bedroom home in Granada Hills invites buyers to "do the Time Warp again." And while the aesthetic here is a little different from the ‘50s leather vibe of Rocky Horror Picture Show, the home is certainly a blast from the past. As photos show, the 2,308-square-foot residence, constructed in 1963, is an almost perfectly preserved example of the moment in history when sleek midcentury style collided with the glorious kitsch of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

As currently constructed, the step-down living room is a visual assault of orange, yellow, red, and nearly every shade of brown. A white ceramic cat peeks out from the huge stone fireplace, while an abstract wooden sculpture that sort of resembles a pair of tangled buffalo hangs on the wall above. Throughout the home, an array of birds bells, and curiously low-hanging light fixtures dangle from the ceiling.

Of course, most of these features are perfectly removable (the listing suggests buyers think of the home as a "blank slate"), but they certainly add to the home’s wonderfully tacky character. The TV room and kitchen share the same brown and white linoleum floor pattern, and while the latter has been updated with a more modern microwave and refrigerator, the obligatory double oven remains.

Out back is a pleasant-looking kidney-shaped pool and a small patch of yard. There’s even a tile-rimmed hot tub that for some reason seems to be inside the house. Asking price is $749,000.