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Mesmerizing gif shows how much LA’s transit network will grow under Measure M

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What's in store now that voters have approved Metro's sales tax hike?

Now that LA voters have officially signed off on Metro's half-cent sales tax increase to fund new public transit projects and infrastructure improvements, some residents may be wondering what exactly they've purchased, so to speak.

On that note, we're returning to one of quite a few good looks at what all that new revenue will provide: a truly hypnotic gif sent to us by amateur cartographer Adam Linder. Just look at all those rail and rapid bus lines!

The gif is especially impressive because the before picture isn’t even the rail map that’s currently in use—it also includes projects under construction, including the Crenshaw/LAX Line and the Purple Line extension to La Cienega.

The timeline for all these projects is one thing that remains a bit up in the air. Under Metro's current estimates, many could take decades to complete, but the agency hopes the steady stream of funding will help to win grants that could speed up some of the projects.

And for those of you worried about getting hit with that extra half-percentage point of sales tax just in time for the holidays, relax. The measure won't go into effect until the new year.

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