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Real-time bus signs will be added to 300 stops

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Now you'll know when your bus is scheduled to arrive

Electronic signs displaying real-time bus information will be added to hundreds of bus shelters across the county starting next summer, giving riders the timing of arrivals, plus service alerts and detours. The LED signs will be installed at 300 of the busiest bus shelters, according to Syncromatics, the company hired by Metro to design and operate the signs.

The addition of real-time updates to bus shelters makes sense, considering 62 percent of Metro riders don’t have a smart phone that would allow them to use the Metro app to get this information, says Los Angeles City Councilman and Metro board member, Mike Bonin.

Syncromatics already manages the real-time information for DASH buses via smartphones and some bus stop signs; the sign at the state-of-the-art bus shelter across from City Hall, on Spring Street; and a large LED sign at the Encino Park ‘N Ride that is a base for Commuter Express routes, Jason Levin, a rep for Syncromatics, tells Curbed.

Levin says the new signs will be spread across the county, but the "highest concentration" will go in LA proper. Design and planning will begin in this fall, with the first signs expected to be up and running in summer 2017. The rollout should be complete in 2018.

About 100 of the shelters will even be outfitted with solar panels, "to eliminate any impact on the electric grid."