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Unusual brick house in Glendale asking $1.2M

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1920s home still has its old Batchelder fireplace

We’re willing to bet you won’t find too many homes in the Los Angeles area quite like this number in Glendale. Built in 1924, the 3,413-square-foot home’s all-brick exterior is itself a bit of a rarity in these parts.There's also a large, decorative overhang above the front door and a swooping front porch that give the home a truly unique appearance.

Inside, the home has clearly been updated over the years, but the kitchen and carpeted lower level could use a bit of work in the future. Still, there are plenty of appealing features here, including a very pleasant-looking sun porch and an original Batchelder fireplace in the living room. Another fireplace, this one red brick to match the rest of the house, is located in one of the home’s four bedrooms.

The large concrete patio area in the back of the home features a large pool (with twin waterfalls) and a spa. There’s also a pergola-shaded wooden deck alongside the house, a two car garage, and a spacious basement—another feature you won’t find in too many Southern California homes. Asking price for this intriguing residence is $1.155 million.