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Sunny cottage in the Echo Park hills asks $549K

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The century-old cabin is one of the neighborhood’s earliest homes

For most people in our fair metropolis, finding a place to live requires some compromises. For instance, if you work Downtown but wish you lived in the country, you might find this rustic residence in Elysian Heights pretty tempting. On the downside, the 1910 cottage is quite petite, measuring in at just 740 square feet. It’s got a galley kitchen, and only a shower in its bathroom, no tub. And you can forget about fitting your California king mattress in the bedroom.

But on the upside, the vintage cabin has plenty of charming attributes, including hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, abundant windows, and an arroyo-stone fence. And modest though the lot may be, it also feels very secluded and serene. Last sold in 2008 for $325,000, the property is now asking $549,000.

1574 Altivo Way