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More details on LACMA's redesign to be shown at Wednesday 'scoping' meeting

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The meeting promises new visuals of the planned reboot

An upcoming "scoping" meeting for the big redesign of Los Angeles County Museum of Art by architect Peter Zumthor is the place to be to get the most detailed look thus far at what the new building will look like. KCRW reports, "plans, sections, renderings and a model will be on display" at the meeting, which is geared toward helping the Miracle Mile museum prepare for an environmental impact report.

Earlier this month, the museum released a few renderings of the the giant, blobby structure that will span Wilshire Boulevard. The meeting is not a place to get answers to questions about the project; in fact, it’s designed for people to ask questions that they’d like to see answered in the resulting report, says KCRW.

But, by attending, those looking for more than just a few renderings stand to get their best look yet at the museum's new home. LACMA leaders want to break ground on the new building, which will replace four existing ones, in 2018.

The meeting is set for 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday (August 23) in the museum's Broad Contemporary Art Museum building.

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