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Unique Venice house encased in white aluminum wants $6.5M

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Enter via a door "born from skateboard decks"

Venice’s "Wave House" is striking from the street. Beyond its atypical shape, all rounded edges and undulating roof, the residence by designer Mario Romano is particularly eye-catching because it’s "cloaked" in a white aluminum and cedar blocks Romano’s website explains how giant pieces of aluminum were unfurled to create the shell of the house:

Similar to the way a tailor crafts a suit of clothing, the aluminum skin was digitally rolled and unrolled, then cut by a CNC machine and finally attached to a complex metal substructure made of straight lines, leaving a space between the white aluminum panels of exactly one and three/forth inches.

The house is entered via a nine-foot-tall from door, "born from skateboard decks," that opens onto the 14-foot-tall ceilings of the living room. The house’s two outdoor spaces are separated from the interior by nine-foot-tall sliding glass walls, further emphasizing the feelings of openness and space. Within the five-bedroom, four-bathroom house, there are walls and floors decorated with textured patterns inspired by nature.

In the listing video, Romano says he wanted to create not just a visually exciting house, but also one that could be a great place for a family to grow and stay for years, with enclosed yards and bedrooms upstairs (with the exception of the ground-floor guest suite).

The Wave House, just a few blocks east of Rose Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, is listed for $6.498 million.

House Calls: A Sentimental Home in Venice Beach

Photography by Jason Speth

1234 Morningside Way

1234 Morningside Way, Venice, CA 90291, USA