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This home has giant rocks in the living room

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Now take an easy listening tour

From the outside, this white stucco residence in Riverside certainly doesn’t look all that exciting. There’s a two car garage and a covered and gated front walkway, which we guess is cool, but otherwise it seems like your typical suburban three-bedroom home. Open the front door, however, and you’ll find ... rocks. Really big rocks. And blue carpeting, custom-carved wooden walls, and at least one mirrored ceiling. What the heck is going on here? We may need an easy listening soundtrack to take it all in.

That’s better. According to the listing, this 3,453-square-foot home within a gated community was architect-designed in 1972. Well, the architect in question looks to have drawn plenty of inspiration from the ranch houses of Cliff May—and maybe The Flintstones.

Built around some very sizable boulders, the main room features a tall pitched ceiling with track lighting and a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows offering panoramic views all the way across town and to the mountains. You can also take in the city of 300,000 from the large red brick deck that winds around the back of the home and includes a barbecue area. This unusual home just got a big price chop, bringing the asking price to just $699,000.