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The 10 tiniest condos for sale in Los Angeles right now

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Nothing over 500 square feet

With the tiny-house movement enjoying such a vogue, why not take a look at small living spaces that already exist in condo buildings in Los Angeles? Topping the list compiled by real estate analytics website NeighborhoodX of the most petite condos for sale in Los Angeles this month is a very pink maid's unit in Westwood for $225,000. But it's pretty big tease, because, per the listing, the 230-square-foot condo may only be purchased by someone who currently owns a unit in the complex. The second-smallest condo, also in Westwood and measuring a cozy 352 square feet, went on the market August 15 for $300,000, and as of August 18, is already pending sale. (It is accepting backup offers.)

The top 10 smallest units all measure under 500 square feet—more than half are under 400 square feet—and they range in asking price from $225,000 to $385,000. The priciest is for a 384-square-foot condo in Playa del Rey.

Take a tour of the compact units below:

↑ That 230-square-foot maid’s unit in Westwood.

↑ This 352-square-foot Westwood condo comes with new stainless steel appliances and carpet, plus new air conditioning. It's listed for $300,000, and a sale is already pending.

↑ Freshly remodeled and located on the first floor, this 358-square-foot condo in Woodland Hills is decked out in quartz counters and access to all the amenities in the complex (a gym, a pool). It's listed for $219,900. Again, a sale is pending.

↑ This Koreatown condo comes in at 368 square feet. The unit appears to have wall-mounted air conditioning and has one bathroom. It’s listed for $229,000.

↑ This condo is 377 square feet, but that’s not counting the balcony. The apartment has granite counters and will soon have new carpet. It’s listed for $329,000.

↑ The most expensive apartment on this list is this 384-square-foot Playa del Rey condo with an attached garage. The unit has new laminate flooring and double-paned windows. It’s asking $385,000.

↑ Labeled as a "hot home" by Redfin (meaning it predicts a 70-percent chance of sale within in eight days), this Glendale apartment measures 439 square feet and has a groovy mural on one of its walls. The apartments has laminate floors throughout and remote-controlled window shades over the sliding glass door. It’s listed for $217,653.

↑ Just shy of 450 square feet, this studio condo unit in Hollywood’s Franklin Towers has a dishwasher and air conditioning. The listing doesn’t include photos, so we can’t really get a good look at the place, but the exterior looks nice. The condo is listed for $315,000.

↑ Just off Gramercy and Wilshire in Koreatown, this 463-square-foot unit has, "an ample living room with a fireplace and a beautiful kitchen with custom cabinets." The owner gets access to the complex’s rooftop pool. It’s listed for $279,000.

↑ Coming in at a roomy 475 square feet, this Encino studio is located in a "Resort style Encino Park complex." It has its own fireplace and a balcony. It’s asking $229,990.

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