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Early modern by Gregory Ain in the Los Feliz Oaks

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Ain’s second solo commission, the hillside home was completed in 1937

Say hello to Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 840, the Anselem A. Ernst House. The last time this landmark residence was on the market, Bill Clinton was president, Ace of Bass was topping the charts, and a stamp cost 29 cents. Located on a hillside lot in the Los Feliz Oaks, the Ernst House was designed in 1937 by the great Gregory Ain. Built for a fellow radical, it was one of the modernist architect’s first solo commissions following his apprenticeship with Richard Neutra. Completed before Ain received his license, the home certainly displays Neutra’s influence—as well as that of Neutra's onetime partner, RM Schindler.

Measuring 2,082 square feet, the three-bedroom, two-bath home features walls of glass, high ceilings, original cabinetry and built-ins, a dual-level fireplace, multiple decks and patios, mature landscaping, and expansive views. Asking price for the landmark property, which is also eligible for Mills Act tax benefits, is $1.799 million.

Hopefully, because of the home's historical monument status, it won't meet the same fate as Ain's Feldman house, which has swelled to more than 11,000 square feet since it was last sold. Currently, that residence is also on the market, asking $14.9 million.