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Awesome map shows what Metro’s November ballot measure would bring

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It’s so beautiful

On the ballot this November is a ballot measure from Metro that would raise more than $120 billion through sales taxes for Metro projects across the county. If approved, the measure would amount to a permanent half-cent sales tax increase to fund not just new rail lines but also upgrades to bus lines, roads, and highways. This new map from Steve Boland, a transportation planner who blogs at CalUrbanist, shows what rail and bus rapid transit (BRT) projects would be funded if voters pass that measure.

It’s important to note that the map wouldn’t magically be a reality overnight. Boland’s noted in a legend at the bottom when the projects are expected to come online, with some planned as far into the future as 2057, like the second phase of the Sepulveda Line connecting the Valley to UCLA.

Boland told LAist that he created the map because he thought there should be a simplified version of this jam-packed proposal beyond the maps Metro has. He also notes that he added a handful of "unrelated" projects that are "largely funded and likely to happen," like the LAX People Mover, streetcars in Downtown LA and in the OC, and the first phase of high-speed rail, which will have stations at Union Station and the Burbank Airport. The full map is here.