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Take a look around the newly reopened Runyon Canyon

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After a four-month closure, the popular trail is back

Runyon Canyon’s four-month closure for the replacement of an aging water pipe running through the park ended today, and there are already people back in the park and enjoying the new amenities, like the freshly paved sections of always popular, often celeb-studded trail.

The mile-long stretch of six-inch pipe that was replaced brings water to residents living near the canyon and supplies firefighters in the event of fire was 90 years old, according to a release from the rec and parks department. During the full-park closure, new fire hydrants, water fountains, and erosion control elements were also added.

At least one hiker also passed by what appears to be the unfinished basketball court project that was at one time planned for the park. The basketball court project emerged without a lot of fanfare and planned to put a corporate logo (of the company Pink+Dolphin) right in the middle of court, as the project was going to be paid for by Pink+Dolphin’s owner. Locals objected, rallied, and got the project shut down.

#runyon #hollywood #losangeles No #basketball for you.

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It’s kind of a gray morning, but the appeal of Runyon still shines through in some of the first images of the reopened park this morning.

New paved path at Runyon. By tonight this will be covered in a smoothed-out layer of dog poop.

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#losangeles #hollywood #runyon Fresh pavement=clean hiking boots.

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