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Koreatown parking lot likely to make way for new hotel and restaurant

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110 rooms and ground-floor retail, too

A parking lot on Harvard Boulevard just south of Wilshire Boulevard could give way to a 110-room hotel with a 3,572-square foot restaurant and ground-floor retail, according to documents filed yesterday with the city's planning department. The project would also include 77 parking spaces.

There aren’t many more details at this point, but if built, this project would share the block with a seven-story mixed-user being developed by Jamison Services, a big-time office space landlord that’s recently been focusing on residential.

Koreatown’s experiencing a flurry of new development. Over on Vermont and Sixth, the county is moving forward on a big redevelopment that will transform some county-owned properties into residential and office space. Over by Vermont and Wilshire, the Wilshire Galleria is being redeveloped and paired with a high-rise hotel and residences.