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Lucille Ball’s first California home hits the market

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The iconic TV star’s grandfather used to host Communist Party meetings here

In 1933, when she was just 22 years old, Lucille Ball landed her first movie role in the Eddie Cantor vehicle Roman Scandals. Shortly thereafter, she signed a contract with RKO and moved into this two-bedroom home in the Spaulding Square neighborhood on the border of West Hollywood. According to a 2010 post on the Dear Old Hollywood blog, Ball quickly invited her family to move out west and stay with her in the home.

That got her into a bit of trouble down the line, as her grandfather began hosting meetings of the Communist Party in the home. It’s not completely clear how involved Ball was in the meetings, but in 1953 the House Un-American Activities Committee investigated the actress’ ties to the party, stirring up an intense media frenzy that briefly threatened to derail her career.

It’s been quite some time since any members of the Ball family have resided in the 1,385-quare-foot home, but it still has plenty of classic charm. Constructed in 1919, it features hardwood flooring throughout, along with oversized windows and a glass front door that give it a light and airy look. Buyers may want to remove the ugly, gilded chandelier above the dining room table, but that task is easily accomplished.

A highlight of the home is the wonderful, white-tiled bathroom that is only slightly ruined by the creepy looking wooden sculpture in the corner. There’s also a decent-sized backyard and patio complete with a hot tub. That’ll come in handy if you want to invite over any party members to talk Karl Marx. Just be careful that the neighbors don’t hear. Asking price is $1.75 million.

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