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Hillside Eagle Rock fixer with stair-only access wants $599K

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The 932-square-foot house has a patio and bonus room

This fixer is tucked away in the hills of Eagle Rock, off Figueroa Street. It's street-shy, so only the stairway up to the property is immediately visible from curb. There’s no driveway access, and it’s street parking only. At the end of a walking path, the 932-square-foot house finally reveals itself, surrounded bye outdoor space, including a long, covered patio and a sun deck that’s set back a bit from the home.

Painted a now-weathered white and pink, the two-bedroom main house holds two bathrooms, a built-in dining nook in the kitchen, and a library. Underneath, there’s a sun-dappled bonus room with its own bathroom, each painted a different, bold color.

The house clearly needs updating inside and out, but there’s something charming about its compactness and location, set back from the street but close enough to quickly head to eateries, entertainment, or freeways.

It’s listed for $599,000.