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Updated: Looks like there's a new Roscoe's under construction in Mid-City

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City-issued permits reveal a new chicken and waffles spot is on the way to Washington and La Brea

Recently, reader Jason tipped us off that construction is underway on the northwest corner of Washington Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. Another lot on the other side of La Brea has been vacant for years. What’s the deal?

The city issued a building permit in June for the construction of a new one-story restaurant building on the northwest corner of the intersection. That’s a little vague, but an HVAC permit issued July 26 outs the project as the future site of a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

That’s right. The legendary restaurant chain appears to be opening a new branch less than a mile from its popular Pico Boulevard location. It's also announced that a San Diego location will open later this year. All this comes hot on the heels of a messy bankruptcy declaration back in March.

We reached out to Roscoe’s to see if they could provide more information on the new location, but as of yet, we haven’t received a response.

Update 8/16: A Roscoe's rep tells Eater the chain plans to close its Pico location and move into the new spot once construction is complete. That's expected to be sometime in early 2017.

As for the spot across the street? A building permit was actually issued for the site back in 2011, allowing for construction of a three-story office building. Several changes to that plan—including the addition of another level—seem to have caused the project to stall out for now.

Vacant lots like this one may not stay that way for long, with Mid-City and West Adams undergoing plenty of rapid changes. Urbanize LA reports that just down the street, on Washington and Vineyard, a developer is pursuing a pair of city-owned parking lots with plans to construct a mixed-use complex in their place.