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Handsome Jefferson Park Craftsman has a back house, asks $1M

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Bring your own appliances

This handsome Craftsman in Jefferson Park appears to have been extensively restored. The paint inside and out looks like it has barely finished drying and the flooring still has that new hardwood shine. Still, there’s plenty of historic charm in the residence built in 1910.

The 3,155-square-foot property actually includes two structures: a main house and a sizable back house with two separate units. Per the listing, kitchens and bathrooms in all units have been updated—along with plumbing, electrical, and light fixtures. Just don’t expect a ton of appliances. Stoves and refrigerators are conspicuously absent from the listing photos.

The spacious main room in the front house has an intriguing design, with a large master staircase at its center—surrounded by a living room, dining room, and reading area that all flow into one another in a relatively open floor plan. Large front windows give the space a light and airy feeling. Upstairs are three bedrooms, a pleasant-looking sitting room, and an office space. The roomy master bathroom features marble flooring and a clawfoot tub.

The 6,225-square-foot lot doesn’t include much of a yard, but there’s a sitting space, and a few pathways that wind through some very drought-tolerant landscaping. Asking price for the whole property is $1.0888 million.