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Elegant Theodore Pletsch-designed home in Pasadena asks $2.595 million

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Come for the blend of architectural styles, stay for the pool

This three-bedroom home in Pasadena, just off Millionaire’s Row, is a little hard to pin down. A little bit modern, a little traditional, it’s apparently the product of a collaboration between architect Theodore Pletsch and designer Jean Crowell—for whom it was built in 1967. The very prolific Pletsch is known for his flexibility and ability to work in a number of styles, and that helps to explain the 3,001-square-foot home’s unique design.

From the front, it looks boxy and contemporary, but the back of the house sports a more classical design—white columns and all. Large glass sliding doors offer multiple access points to the covered patio and backyard. The double-height living room features an elegant beamed ceiling and striking fireplace.

But maybe we’re burying the lede here: take a look at that pool! Per the listing, it’s a remnant of a former Orange Grove estate designed by the Bennett & Haskell firm. With a neoclassical design, punctuated by a small columned pool house, it looks like the perfect place to luxuriate in the Southern California sun—and, if possible, have someone feed you grapes. Asking price is $2.595 million.