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The Los Angeles Rams played first preseason game and parking was how much??

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The Los Angeles Rams made their long-awaited return to the Coliseum Saturday, playing their first game there in more than 35 years. It wasn’t a real-deal, official game—just a preseason contest against the Dallas Cowboys—but fans craving some good old fashioned Los Angeles football packed the stadium, purchasing an astonishing 90,000 tickets.

For the record, the Rams ended up beating the Cowboys 28-24, but the real losers of the game were fans who had to pay for parking. Lots close to the stadium—or at least within the loosest possible definition of walking distance—were reportedly charging as much as $100 per vehicle. That’s about four times what many tickets for next week’s contest against the Kansas City Chiefs are fetching on resale sites right now.

Those hoping to avoid those astronomical prices further on in the season should either swap bodies with an elusive season ticket holder (tricky), consider carpooling ($25 each doesn’t sound quite as bad), or take the train (a good option when the Rams began playing at the Coliseum in 1946 and one that did not exist when they left in 1979). Metro has provided a handy guide to getting to and from the field on their blog, The Source. It’s also worth noting that a ride with Uber from Anaheim—where the Rams last played before leaving for Saint Louis—all the way to the Coliseum would probably cost less than the price of parking.

Of course, in just a few short years, the Rams will have a brand new stadium, and the rules of getting to and from the games will have to be rewritten. But for now, the only sign of that state-of-the-art facility is a massive pile of dirt next to Hollywood Park Casino’s very generously-sized parking lot.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037