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See the two mixed users rising next to Downtown’s Herald-Examiner building

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Together they’ll bring 388 residential units to the neighborhood

The two mixed-users that will flank the gorgeous Herald-Examiner are progressing nicely, as seen in recent photos of the under-construction projects. The buildings are on schedule toward a mid-2017 completion, Mark DiNapoli, COO of Suffolk Construction, tells Curbed. The gorgeous H-E building, designed by Julia Morgan, is finally getting its long-awaited restoration, and Suffolk is the contractor on both projects.

Developed by Forest City, the structures are split between two blocks: One is on the southeast corner of 11th and Hill, behind the H-E building, and the other is at the southeast corner of 12th and Broadway, adjacent to the H-E block. Both are seven stories tall. In late June, Suffolk announced that both projects had "topped out," referring to the completion of the concrete podium and wood framing on the 12th Street building and the completion of the concrete podium on the 11th Street building.

DiNapoli says there was a brief hiccup during construction of the structure at 11th and Hill, caused by some remnants of a structure that once stood on the site. While excavating for a level of underground parking, workers ran into some "unexpected foundations" they believe were the printing press’s foundation system left over from when that site was part of the Herald-Examiner production facilities.

When complete, the 12th and Broadway building will have 214 units and 7,500 square-feet of ground-floor retail space when complete; the 11th Street mixed-user will hold 177 units and 7,500 square feet of retail at street level. The latter will also have a public paseo between the new structure and the H-E building with seating and greenery.