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Carson’s Failed NFL Stadium Site Could Become an Upscale Outlet Mall

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It would only take up a fraction of the total site, but it’s something

The discarded site that was almost the 157-acre site of a future NFL stadium, which is now being built in Inglewood, might not be vacant for long. The Daily Breeze reports that the Carson City Council is taking steps toward turning some of the land—once the Cal Compact Landfill—into a fancy outlet mall.

The council voted Tuesday to begin exclusive negotiations with Macerich Real Estate Co., the developer that built Santa Monica Place. The company would like to build a 500,000-square-foot retail center with 150 "high-end" stores. The mall would only take up about one-fifth of the space that the enormous site has to offer, though the city wants the outlet mall to entice other developers to the site.

"This is the second time in four years the city has entered into an agreement for a freeway-facing outlet mall" at the former landfill, says the Breeze.

An outlet mall had been proposed, along with a slew of other non-stadium alternatives, after the NFL decided earlier this year to move to Inglewood instead of Carson. Carson spent a lot of money to clean up the site and continues to drop about $450,000 a month on maintaining and cleaning it.