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LA Looks Stunning in This Hypnotic Time-Lapse Video

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So many pretty lights!

"There is no more beautiful city in the world," Roman Polanski famously wrote of Los Angeles, "Provided it’s seen by night and from a distance." Looking at a new time-lapse video of the city shot by Joe Capra of, we can’t help but agree. Shot in stunning 12K resolution, the video takes Polanski’s nighttime-from-a-distance formula to new heights, offering hypnotic images of all the old staples (freeway overpasses and the Santa Monica ferris wheel) along with unconventional views of LAX and a breathtaking shot of the city covered over by a layer of rolling clouds. There are a few daytime shots as well, but the highlights are the images of the city illuminated by sparkling traffic signals and the red flare of brake lights.

An unexpected feature of the video is how often the camera zooms in on a single point of interest. This is essentially a means of showing off the high image quality of the footage—even after digitally moving in on objects, the shot still looks terrific. It also allows for some interesting and rarely seen views of Downtown and parts of Hollywood.