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Sunset Junction Might Get a Boutique Hotel

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One mixed-user out, one hotel in?

A hotel might be coming to Silverlake's trendy Sunset Junction. It'd be part of a trio of buildings that developer Frost/Chaddock has been planning for a few years. An environmental impact report was just released for the project, and representatives for F/C tell Curbed that among the required "alternatives" is an option that the developers are strongly considering: replacing one of the three mixed-use buildings with a boutique hotel.

The Junction Gateway project as it’s presented in the environmental documents would add nearly 300 units and about 26,000 square feet of a variety of uses from creative offices to restaurants to a gym. The project would spread that all out across three buildings along Sunset Boulevard: 4000 Sunset (where a F/C demolished a row of shops back in 2011), 4100 Sunset (site of the 4100 Bar), and 4311 Sunset (the old Bates motel site). 4000 Sunset was almost the site of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, but that plan never took off.

But now, F/C says it's starting to consider tweaking the plan a bit. Via email, F/C tells Curbed, "After hearing positive feedback from the community over the past several months on this [boutique hotel] idea, Frost Chaddock has begun exploring a hotel more seriously and is excited to hear more input from stakeholders regarding this alternative."

The environmental doc roughly outlines how the hotel would work. The potential hotel site for the hotel is 4000 Sunset, and under this option, a 94-room hotel with 4,000 square feet of restaurant space would go on the site instead of 84 residential units and about 11,200 square feet of a mix of creative offices, restaurant, retail, and community space.

The report says the height of the hotel would be four stories, "which is a reduction in height of 11 feet and one story when compared to the 68-foot [mixed-use] Project." (A previous version of the story incorrectly noted the hotel's height would be five stories.) The total square footage of the hotel, "would be substantially reduced in size" compared to the mixed-use building planned. The hotel alternative wouldn’t affect the plans for the other two buildings in the project, which would remain unchanged.

Frost/Chaddock reps say for now, they’re focusing on the comment period for the draft environmental report, but that if Silver Lakers are interested in the hotel option, we might be hearing more about it in the future.