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Frank Gehry’s Borman House is Back on the Market

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The price has dropped a bit on this unique Broad Beach property

A Frank Gehry-designed estate on one of the most exclusive stretches of beach in Malibu is once again looking for a buyer. In 2013, the six-bedroom home appeared on the market with a hefty $57.5 million price tag. That was apparently more than buyers were willing to pay for the Broad Beach property, and the house was delisted in 2014 after at least one price drop. Now, apparently due to a court-ordered partition sale, the home is back on the market asking a much less eye-popping $33.9 million.

The 11,413 square-foot residence was built for insurance executive Burton Borman in 1989 on a prime 1.46 acre lot with 160 feet of beachfront. Aside from the very distinctive mushroom cap that tops the center of the house, features include a terracing design that gives each of the home's three levels a generously-sized patio. It's easy to see some of Gehry's asymmetrical style in the interior, along with plenty of wide windows and skylights. An impressive spiral staircase winds its way up from the bottom level, while visitors entering the home are immediately greeted by the sight of bamboo chutes spouting from the floor near the front entrance. A lap pool and tennis court bolster the home's already very solid luxury credentials.

Will the new price point and some time away from the market be enough to attract a buyer this time around? Hard to say, but there certainly aren't many other properties with this combination of pedigree and prime beachfront location.