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Los Feliz’s Famed Snow White Cottages Have Gotten Really Pricey

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Originally built by Disney to house animators, one of these bungalows now rents for $2,750 a month

Once upon a time, but not all that long ago, the idea of living in one of Los Feliz’s famous Snow White cottages was entirely possible even to someone of relatively modest means. For instance, in late 2011, when the LA Times ran a feature on the kitschy bungalow court and its eccentric landlady, Sylvia Helfert, the going rent was $1,800 per month.

But now those days seem almost like a fairy tale. Following the death of Sylvia Helfert, the storybook cottages that Walt Disney built to house his animators in 1931 have moved on to a new, much pricier chapter, as an ad that popped up on Craigslist this week makes clear.

Posted by a real estate firm called the Carrabba Group, the ad touts a one-bedroom, one-bath cottage on Griffith Park Boulevard. Per the description, the 700-square-foot bungalow "has been restored to its former glory with all the original woodwork, period details and stained glass window in bathroom." There’s also a gas fireplace and one-car garage.

Along with the aforementioned vintage features, the cottage now sports brand new kitchen and bathroom tile, a new stainless steel range and fridge, and a new washer/dryer. Which is nice and all, but $2,750-a-month nice? Oh, and that’s just for single occupancy—if you want to share the space with your significant other, tack on another 10 percent.