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LA Rents Didn’t Skyrocket Last Month

Take a look at some of the priciest ‘hoods

Los Angeles rents are predicted to "soar" over the next couple years, but between May and June, they showed no growth. The latest report from Apartment List says that year-over-year, LA rents are up 3.3 percent, but, blessedly, rents didn’t really go up in the last month-long period.

Rents in the LA metro are still pretty high. "A 1-bedroom in Los Angeles has a median rent price of $1,930, while a 2-bedroom costs $2,630," says Apartment List. Los Angeles apartments are the most expensive in the metro, according to the apartment listings site, with Pasadena coming in second place, followed by Glendale.

Among LA neighborhoods, frequent list-toppers Westwood and Marina del Rey took first and second place. A median one-bedroom in Westwood rents for $2,980 a month, while a median two-bedroom rents for $4,300. In Marina del Rey, the median one-bedroom costs $2,780 a month.

Apartment List’s reports use data from "the millions of listings on our site." Median rents are generated by looking at "the median for [one-bedroom or two-bedroom] units available in the specified size and time period."