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Former Art Gallery in Pasadena Asks $1.2 Million

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Three-bedroom home offers plenty of wall space and room for a gift shop

Per the listing, this three-bedroom home in Pasadena began its life as an 854 square-foot bungalow in 1924, before it was purchased by Wallace and Evelyn Le Mone in 1942. The latter Le Mone was a dance instructor, and the couple constructed an addition to the home that served for years as a dance studio. More recently, the home has been the site of the Offramp Gallery, which opened in 2008 as a space for contemporary art.

The living room features a stunning glass-paneled wall that stretches up to the room’s unusually high ceiling. A wide doorway leads into an airy library (or gift shop) with an elegant sloping wooden ceiling. On the other side of the living room, double doors lead to what is currently a gallery space, but has plenty of potential for a wide variety of other uses. Situated on a one-third-acre lot, the home includes a roomy back area with a deck and pergola-covered kitchen. A funky mural by Mark Dean Veca adorns the exterior of the home’s second-story addition. The whole ensemble is asking $1.2 million.