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Here’s South Park’s newest towering hotel, Fig+Pico

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Two towers, three hotel brands

As the plan to remake the Convention Center remains undecided (there’s the colorful renovation plan that won a big redesign competition, and there’s the mixed-use redevelopment vision that would be helmed by a private developer), we’re getting our first glimpse of what a new Convention Center-adjacent hotel at Figueroa and Pico could look like via the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Announced earlier this year, the hotel would have two towers—one with 28 stories and another with 40 stories—but be operated by three hotel brands. The two towers will have a combined 1,100 rooms and a total of three pools, plus bars and restaurants. They would also have 20,000 square feet of retail space and six levels of parking.

The two towers will replace a parking lot and two restaurants, Hooters and El Compadre, on the site right now. The New York-based real estate investor and developer Lightstone recently submitted plans for the Gensler-designed project to the city.

"We think there is a great demand for hotel rooms downtown today," Mitchell Hochberg, Lightstone president, told the business journal. "When the Convention Center expansion is finally built, that demand will increase." This would be the first Los Angeles project for Lightstone.

The project is expected to get underway in 2017, if a hotel tax rebate comes through from the city.