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Freewheeling mini-compound in NoHo asking $760K

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1920s Spanish and its converted-garage guest cottage are bursting with color and flavor

This new listing is quite a visual feast. Located in the Toluca Woods neighborhood, the property contains a 1920s Spanish-style home along with a converted-garage guest unit, which was featured in a 2002 Los Angeles Times article as well as in the design book California Cottages. Measuring 1,556 square feet, the main house has three bedrooms and two baths, hardwood floors, barrel ceilings, arched doorways and alcoves, fabric-covered walls, and casement windows, while the California Mission-style guest cottage features beamed ceilings, a polished-granite mosaic floor, French doors, and a clawfoot tub. Both structures are awash in bright colors and artistic flair. Asking price for the quirky mini-compound, which also boasts a black-bottomed pool with spa, is $760,000.