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Runyon Canyon Set to Reopen Next Week

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The popular park will return with a new, less leaky pipe

Runyon Canyon will reopen Tuesday to the public following its closure for a very necessary pipe replacement project, Diana Bulnes, a spokeswoman for the city's recreation and parks department tells Curbed.

The 100-year-old pipe was in terrible condition. It had sprung almost 20 leaks not long before it was taken out of commission, Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu, who reps the area, has said. The six-inch-round pipe is critical: It's responsible for bringing water to residents and, in case of fires in the area, firefighters.

The Beverly Press reports that a new, updated pipe isn’t the only upgrade that went into Runyon during its closure. An existing trail through the park was repaved with new asphalt that is more reflective and will "assist in maintaining a cooler trail," a rec and parks rep tells the newspaper. New basins were also installed to help filter soil out of rain runoff, which can then be "captured and reused."

A controversial basketball court will not be present in the park when it reopens. The court, along with a water fountain and retaining wall were to be paid for by a local businessman, but his company’s logo would have been featured on the court and that drew ire from locals. They not only objected to the inclusion of a corporate logo, they were also upset they hadn’t heard about the project until it was already underway. So, the parks commission voted to take back its approval.

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